Our Tribe

Tribe Porty is about finding your Tribe. You might have a few Tribes, you might change your Tribes with time, the important part is finding like-minded people who help you do amazing things. At Tribe, we have had many collaborations between members and even with multiple members for bigger pitches of work. Here are some of our permanent members and regular coworkers.

Alex Durussel-Baker

Product & Service Design

Andrew Vipond

Vipond Philip

Arran Moffat


Bob Cummins

Sodak Ltd

Bob Murison


Chris Archer

Video Producer for Glocast

Chris Hellawell

The Edinburgh Tool Library

Danni Gordon

Chachi Power Project

Esther Clayton

ec-design Studio

Glenn Innes


Hannah Ashwell

Creative and Bookkeeper

Iain Lauder

IL Design | Design Consultant

James Robertson


Jean West


Lewis Notarangelo

Video and Photography

Sabrina Severo

The Pilates Studio Edinburgh

Marc Millar


Jo Tennant


Kerry Oliver

Portobello Natural Health

Lorna Lythgoe

Good Life School

Marcus Britton

Musician | Oi Musica

Matt Peet


Olivia Furness

Oi Musica

Rachel Hein


Joanna Smith


Rosie McGlynn

Mentone Energy

Sarah Fairbrother


Siggi Skulason

Darval Solutions Ltd

Walter Hamilton

Velow Bikeworks

Jenny Pope

Artist and Coach

Lee Johnson

LAB04 Architects

Mary Collacott

Juniper Leaf Education

Keith Kirkwood

Technical Writer

Alicia Bruce

Alicia Bruce Photography

Christina Purcell

Physiotherapy and Yoga

Duncan Wallace

Duncan Wallace Associates

Dr. Rosalind Cavaghan

Fiona Bailey

Write to Be Known

Markus Stitz


Kathryn Lawrence

Perinatal Educator / Daisy Foundation Edinburgh 

Kerry-Anne Saouter


Bobby Jones


Lucy Reid

Graphic Designer

Osbert Lancaster

Director at Natural Change Ltd

Sophie Harrison

Copywriter and Graphic Designer

Michael Anderson

Project Manager & IT Consultant

Rhys Nealon

No Nonsense UX Limited

Suzanne R Livingstone

Biodiversity specialist & Photographer

Shu Chen

Software Engineer

Jake King

Rob Kinder

Technology, media and commercial lawyer

Kate Barclay

Fundraising & development specialist

John Matheson

Live Streaming Producer at Glocast

Sophie Gray

Digital Marketing/Service Design Consultant