Radim Letovsky

Radim Letovsky

How did you come to Tribe? 
I have known Arran from Glocast for several years, I collaborated with him on a freelance basis. Then he offered me a full time job so here I am! It’s a bit of a trek for me as I live on the other side of town but I do like coming in here.  In general, Porty is a great, vibrant neighborhood and Tribe really fits right in.

What makes you smile?
When I receive cold call scam, ‘sir you were recently in a car accident’ and so on. I really enjoy winding them up, I pretend I don’t understand, making them repeat sentences several times. I get a sense of achievement when they hang up on me. My record is talking to them for 8min but I strive to improve it! That does put a smile on my face.

What do you like about Tribe most?
The free coffee. It’s damn good coffee too! Joking aside, it’s the people. Probably a cliche but it’s true. I have few good friends working here, who I had known before. And also a few new lovely people. The space is great too, very quirky and creative but it’s really the people I like most. To borrow our Glaswegian neighbours slogan:  ‘People make Tribe’

What are you working on right now?

I am editing some videos of very clever doctors and professors. They give lectures on next gen drugs and are very brainy. While doing that, I learnt a lot about diabetes, stem cells, Parkinson, endocrinology, hernia and other things. I could probably open my own medical practice by now. That’s my plan anyway in case my career as a video editor in Glocast goes south. I reckon that will be pretty soon after Arran reads this article.