Jacqui Bassett

Jacqui Bassett

How did you come to Tribe?

I heard about Tribe a few years ago and thought it was a brilliant idea but I didn’t get in touch until the end of 2021 when the four walls of my house were driving me crazy after 2 years of working from home.

What makes you smile?

Childish humour, lovely bright colours, great food, red wine, sunshine, planning a travel adventure, My kids and Googlebox on a Friday night.

What do you like about Tribe most?

The vibe, the plants and the art work.

What are you working on right now?

A lot of self-reflection as I’m just completing the Keystone Women course (which is great BTW!) and I’m using it as a moment to consider what I want from the future. Other than that, I work in international development promoting education and women’s empowerment. I like nothing better than a good brainstorm and thinking up new ideas and ways to do things.