Tribe Porty is a place to make good things happen – a connectivity hub which promotes a healthy and happy community. Tribe aims to provide a space for nurture and growth of human potential through supporting local people in work, art and quality of life. This is done through practical opportunities and support and encouraging connections. There is evidence that people powered health not only brings transformational change, but also economic benefits.

100 Days of Creativity

SHOW UP FOR 100 DAYS AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS Have you heard of the 100daysproject?¬† There are 2 simple rules; #1 Repeat a simple creative…

September 07, 2021

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Embracing Change

An invitation to make the community what you want We have quite a few new people at Tribe and our first social gathering (outside) this…

August 20, 2021

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Creative Workspaces that Move People

A Place to tap into your creative work Tribe is slowly picking back up and gaining new members; more and more people are needing community…

July 23, 2021

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Wellbeing Economy

Purpose, People & Planet I just completed some training for business advisors and entrepreneurial support professionals who want to learn how to help the businesses…

July 01, 2021

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Seven Years of Tribe Porty

Community Coworking I started out saying YES, learned how to say NO and am finally pretty good at knowing when to say both. It is…

May 18, 2021

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Our Collective Wellness

I recently spoke about the book, When the Body Says No, by Gabor Mate on the monthly book review club, 5 Things. I highly recommend…

April 29, 2021

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Remote Working

Autonomy published their¬†blueprint for remote working; The New Normal authored by Francesca Farruggia, Phil Jones, Julian Siravo and Alessandro Bava. Ways of working continues to…

March 22, 2021

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Let the light in

There was a moment, and I mean about 13 seconds, of sunshine the other day and it hit me like a bolt of lightning. My…

February 15, 2021

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June 1991, I can still remember the bright sunny morning, driving under the arch of the wooden Keystone Wye bridge with the feeling of delight…

December 10, 2020

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Perfect Gifts

Tribe Porty Member Makers   Give the Gift of Juggling for Christmas! Offer the aspiring juggler in your life all the kit and skills they…

December 04, 2020

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