Reema Vadoliya

Reema Vadoliya
How did you come to Tribe?

I moved to Edinburgh in June 2023. I moved on my own and was keen to find community as I started building my start up as a solo founder. I found out that Creative Informatics had a fund for supporting diverse and under-represented founders and startups. I applied, was successful and awarded a membership at Tribe!

What makes you smile?

It’s so lovely to see random people who are on their own in the street smiling. I love walking around listening to podcasts, often ones that make me laugh. As a very curious I’m always intrigued as to what is making people smile.

What do you like about Tribe most?

The dogs and the people! There are so many cute dogs and the people are alright too. I’m kidding, all the humans have been so kind and it makes such a difference to my day to be in a space where people are so respectful to others. The alternative that is sitting at home on my own with no dogs and humans makes the trip to Portobello very easy. Being by the sea is also great. I love going for a short walk to see the waves doing their thing, it’s very grounding.
What are you working on right now?
I launched my business¬†in August 2023.¬†People of Data is all about providing challenge view of what data means to consumers and organisations. The goal with People of Data is to humanise data. We know that data is about so much more than numbers and spreadsheets, which tend to instantly disengage many. Our mission is to help you see how exciting, interesting and insightful data can really be. I’m enjoying spending time refining what the product and service offering is. I’m starting 2024 by working with my first couple of clients and planning the first iteration of my product. The product will support organisations to understand their users in a meaningful way more than just asking about protected characteristics.