Kerry Oliver

Kerry Oliver

How did you come to Tribe?

Portobello Natural Health was resident in the building when Tribe first started here. Tribe was upstairs and we were downstairs where Velo is now. When our landlord Earthy Food and Goods (in what is now The Works) went bust, Dani managed to take over the whole of 19 Windsor Place for Tribe and gave us a secure home in the Hub where we are now. It is wonderful to see how Tribe has developed and flourished in the past couple of years out of that period of adversity.

What makes you smile?

Workwise, as a Massage Therapist, a client enjoying being free of pain or restriction they had thought they may be stuck with.
Out of work, I guess it is the usual stuff, sunsets, rainbows, autumn leaves, a really stupid joke, my dog running crazy on the beach…

What do you like about Tribe the most

I love that whatever you need to know, be it practical, creative, or business-related, someone in Tribe will have the answer or know someone who does!

What are you working on just now?

Improving communications and systems within our therapist team and evolving our therapy space into an even more welcoming and nurturing space for our clients to be.