Mary Collacott

Mary Collacott

How did you come to Tribe?
I came to Tribe through friends that I met at a yoga festival years ago, I came along for a trial day and immediately felt like I had found a place I belonged, I still do many years later.

What makes you smile? 
Hmm, I smile a lot, so that is a hard question! People, the sea, being in nature, my cats, most things really!

What do you like about Tribe most?
I love the atmosphere here, and the people. There is a wonderful sense of collective concentration, but also plenty of fascinating people to chat to over a coffee or lunch. I have learnt so much from so many of the folk that I have met here, been helped out of many a dilemma, opened up connections and work opportunities, and got involved in projects that I would never have dreamt of.

What are you working on right now? 
My usual day to day is working with charities and education institutions to develop and deliver online courses on sustainability and Learning for Sustainability, as well as doing a bit of academic research on the side. I am currently facilitating a global MOOC on Learning for a Sustainable Future, and working on a couple of courses for teachers based in Scotland to support them in delivering on Learning for Sustainability. I am involved in a research/action based project examining Climate Justice Education in Scotland and I am also working with Duncan (also a Triber) on a project to build online courses on how to deliver effective hybrid meetings and the future of work in a hybrid context.