How did you come to Tribe?

You were the fastest to respond to my inquiry. I also enjoy that it is not in the City Centre of Edinburgh.

What makes you smile?

Family, friends, good food, good wine and wild camping. I’ve been thinking what makes me smile, and sure I smile and laugh at the jokes comedians tell, but when I genuinely smile is when I’m really at peace with myself. The five things I mentioned earlier are the occasions that bring the most peace with me and I can truly bring a smile from the soul. If I could have all five at the same time I would probably explode in happiness. 😅

What do you like about Tribe the most?

It certainly has to be the people! Especially the variety, sometimes too many techies can be overwhelming.

What are you working on right now?

I work for my company, WalletConnect It is a messaging app with advanced cryptography.