Dr. Rosalind Cavaghan

Dr. Rosalind Cavaghan

How did you come to Tribe?

I heard about Tribe Porty from my pal, Lorna.

What makes you smile?
A well organised sock drawer. It should be ordered in the colour of the rainbow with everything folded a la Marie Condo.

What do you like about Tribe most?
It makes working for myself feel like a normal thing to do – everyone else there is doing it too.

What are you working on right now?
Too many things! I am writing about EU Economic Governance (genuinely fascinating!)  and writing lectures for a masters course on Gender and Public Policy with colleagues at Tampere University, in Finland.

I’m also working on a capacity building for project university scholars working in physical and natural sciences, who are trying to apply their work in developing countries to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. These people are experts in things like volcanos, flooding or urban fire risk, but they are not experts in International Development and the ethical frameworks and monitoring and evaluation associated with that. One of these aspects is the need to put the needs
of the most vulnerable in society front and centre in any international development project. I’m working on tools and guidance to help them do that.