Action generates courage, not the other way around

by Dani Trudeau

Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion. I really believe this and as a former dancer, I also believe that still bodies tend to stay in one place. No doubt there are times when motion is best and when stillness is best but when it comes to innovation, motion is the way.

Fear, like joy, can tell us that we are where we are supposed to be and that change is coming. Facing the fear is the change point. So often we tell ourselves that we need more of something before we are ‘ready’.  We put off any action and any risks and chalk it up to bad timing. I don’t remember anyone ever coming up with an idea, testing it out and then seeing what to do next, ever regretting that process.

Any new adventure, any new pursuit that is meaningful to you will most likely create some tension. Because if it didn’t mean anything, then it wouldn’t really matter so much. Confidence starts with an act of courage and over time, as you learn to become braver and put things in action, it grows into confidence. In other words, instead of waiting to feel confident to act, find what action you can take, big or small.

Confidence+Action= Courage

Confidence grows through courage and practice until you become competent – and that requires you to take action. 

I cannot close without a shout out to my friends Juliette and Hannah. Both send me a text every now again to see if I want to go to dance class with them. I keep waiting for my courage to go back to dancing. I should put my own advice into motion. Noted.