Working For Progress with Anna Considine

Anna is an Edinburgh-based brand photographer working with kind and creative kin across the UK.

We had the joy of chatting and getting to know Anna Considine, founder of Studio Gently and a new member to Tribe Porty. Anna spoke openly about the joys of starting your own business and the struggles that can come along with this. Anna gave us an honest account of her own experiences of falling into unhealthy habits with work which led to detrimental effects to her mental health. Anna gave a raw account of her experience with over working and how this led her to have a psychotic episode.

Anna expressed the necessity of setting healthy boundaries with work and how her values are now at the forefront of her business. At the heart of her work is to create safe and supportive spaces for her clients.

You can find Studio Gently at their website, www.studiogently.com