Season 1 Wrap Up

We have recorded 11 episodes and a trailer, learned how to edited, uploaded and share. High 5 team WFP!

Alice and I have enjoyed the conversations so much. I think in the logistics of starting a podcast, I had forgotten why I wanted to do it in the first place. I love love love good conversation. It is the life blood for me. The more vulnerable, the better (I would like to delve a bit deeper in season 2).

What things stand out for us from season 1?

Let’s talk about our trailer. A bit cringe to watch back but also, we started out pretty good. True to what we find important and our community.

I have to admit that I haven’t listened back to an entire episode yet…but that’s your job, right Alice? Well, actually I was listening to one the other day and my son quickly made fun of me and said I must love myself to listen to my own podcast… can’t win. It was the first time I had listened back.

We had great chats with Bob, Lorna, Osbert, Nasim, Kaigan, Rob, Adam, Jo, Rachel, Inessa and Dane.

Each one brought their unique story to the conversation, a bit of where they have come from in terms of significant life moments which have impacted on what they are doing today. Thinking back, it was often a person or an interaction which profoundly impacted a decision or direction. Sometimes only with hindsight do you notice such influences.

Common threads- community, values and doing good work.

Most of all, it makes me so very grateful for the communities of Tribe Porty and Keystone. I have met the most incredible people through these communities. And by no means is that just a line. I mean it. It has been the gift of a lifetime. From our beginnings of Tribe Porty through TEDxPortobello, the people that have entered my life through these spaces are brilliant. From kick ass women leaders, to the biggest hearted men and fathers; kind humans of the best kind.

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