Working For Progress with Kaigan Carrie

We met Kaigan Carrie because she hosted one of our Tribe Talks around the theme of happiness.  It was great to have a conversation with Kaigan around why she started the Rise of Happiness and her working life to now.

Kaigan has a passion for personal development and encourages people to create lives that bring them more happiness. She is the Co-Founder of Rise of Happiness, a movement to become happier. Rise of Happiness publishes a free wellbeing magazine full of stories from people on their own happiness journey, expert health and wellbeing tips, research on happiness and healthy vegetarian recipes.

Kaigan also holds a Master’s degree in Criminology and is the host of the podcast Evolving Prisons, a podcast dedicated to bringing awareness to our prisons, the people in them and the humanity and inhumanity which can exist in these institutions. We really enjoyed this deeply personal conversation around the importance of the collective and creating safer societies.

You can find more about Rise of Happiness or listen to Kaigan’s podcast, Evolving Prison.