Be Good, Get Paid

by Dani Trudeau

Along the same lines as work hard and be nice, I think we are still a bit sleepy eyed to the fact that the kindness economy is the new economy. Most of us care about what kind of work we do and leaving a positive impact, be it big or tiny. We are also learning that being kind feels good and also perpetuates kindness. This is a win win mindset.

I recently completed the Common Purpose, Leading Beyond Authority course. It was a mix of private, public and third sector participants, with a variety of visits to other organisations from football clubs to hospice centres. Much of our smaller group discussions were around how to lead teams.  My fellow participants would describe their pay bands and struggles with working across all levels of hierarchy within a team. I have forgotten that world of hierarchy. Surely a system in which people or things are arranged according to their importance is not the most motivating environment for anyone but those at the top?

The working environment is changing rapidly and there is more and more talk about community, impact and looking beyond the bottom line. Businesses organised around small, autonomous teams are much more nimble than large hierarchies. This makes it easier to respond to change. Businesses organised with a flat structure, also tend to be much more innovative. I think more and more people are looking for purpose in their work, be it as a freelancer or employee. Businesses are going to need to be able to respond to this new way of working and adapt. Freelancers, now is your chance to bring your whole self, make kindness a priority and benefit both personally and professionally and organisations can follow suit. This is true for working environments too. Not many folk are up for working in soulless boxes, void of connection and creativity. I think we should all take on the responsibility for changing systems and environments for the better, in whatever way you can. Promise you will feel better for it.