Free Hugs

by Dani Trudeau

Connection is the experience of oneness. It’s having shared experiences, relatable feelings, or similar ideas.

In the past couple of months, a healthy amount of tears have been shed at Tribe. This is not a sad story though, this is life and when you bring a group of people together, in a supportive and nurturing space, people can be their best and most vulnerable selves. This is the light and the darkness and what makes it all so beautiful.

Brianna Wiest wrote an excellent article in Medium and explains real connection vs false, “Authenticity is required for connection. The internet and social media do not disconnect us because we are glued to our phones at the dinner table but because they increase our ability to be inauthentic. They allow us to gloat, edit, filter, and post a highlight reel. We can construct a façade of our lives that may or may not be an honest reflection of reality. In this, we breech connection.”

She goes on to say something I feel is at the heart of what makes a real community work, “In order to connect with others, we have to give them our time and honest feelings and ideas and have shared experiences and openness. We do not connect with others by trying to earn approval, awe, compliments, appreciation, envy, or superiority.” Creating a community coworking space goes way beyond good coffee and ping pong tables, it requires genuine care from a place of love.

Most people believe a connection is something they earn by being “good enough” when it is really something they develop by being willing enough. So when you need to talk or just in need of a hug, my door is always open- you just have to be willing enough to knock. But also remember that by connecting with someone, by trusting in others enough to confide in, it strengthens their connections too. And for me and Tribe, that is everything.