TEDxPortobello-Time, Talent and Thanks

Tribe Porty hosted its third TEDxPortobello the other week, with this year’s theme, ‘Restart the Machine”. We had 9 speakers with inspiring stories to share from pocket sized satellites to organ donation to care packages for refugees. Keep your eyes on the facebook page or website for the uploaded talks soon.
Every year, I am overwhelmed with the talent and generosity of the volunteers who make it all happen. This year was a little different as Johanna Holtan decided to let go as curator and pass on the role of coordinator. We had a smaller core team of 4 this year and thankfully our speaker coach, Mel Sherwood, was back to support for her third year.
Mel has been with us since the beginning and plays a big part in why we have been so successful. TEDxPortobello is as much about the process and the community as it is about the actual event. We work hard to try and make the event meaningful for all involved and support each speaker.  Not only does Mel work 1:1 with each speaker, helping them to develop their content and structure, she also facilitates a masterclass to help refine their delivery.
This year’s comperes were also extra wonderful. Mel also co hosted our event and introduce our speakers, along with Cal MacAninch and Tribe Porty Youth Theatre’s, Euan (11 years old!).  Each of them perfectly made our audience feel engaged, informed and welcome.
We would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved and we are grateful for the time and talent given by Mel Sherwood, we could not praise her enough!

Where the end is not the end, we choose to lead, to change, to improve. -TEDxPortobello 2017

photo by Jon Davey Photography

photo by Jon Davey Photography