Ken Keith? Keith can.

I envy those that can just do it. Simply switching off, making themselves feel at home, getting cosy, shutting their eyes and letting their bodies take them where they need to be…putting all worries to one side, never mind what everyone else might think of them. The natural confidence that what they are doing is the right thing to do.
Are you one of them? Do you take a cat nap during the day to rejuvenate and re-energize what you are doing?
They say that napping makes you a more productive worker. Napping is not just for the lazy or sleep-deprived. Apparently a short snooze can boost everything from productivity, creativity, alertness and memory. Who wouldn’t want to improve those?
Do I worry too much about the groggy feeling afterwards? The long waking up process, and feeling worse afterwards? Is that what stops me from doing it? I hear that the secret is in the right length of a nap. A shorter snooze seems to be the solution to that issue. The following graph explains what the effects of different lengths of sleep have on the human body.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just lie down on the sofa, which we have a few of at Tribe Porty, rather than struggling on through the rest of the day and/or resorting to a caffeine boost to get through the afternoon slump, which leaves us feel wired, but we are also more prone to making mistakes as a result of it. It would be nice.
Maybe I struggle with the ‘letting go’ and snoozing off for some zzz’s, not giving a sh… about what everyone else thinks, is that the problem? The yoga, the mindful meditation, conscious breathing…all this should teach me to just be in the moment and to do what I am doing, not worrying about image, or other people’s business and thoughts…is this possibly a general problem in our society? Not listening to the body, and what it needs, but rather be too influenced of what surrounds us, the pressure of meeting deadlines, the endless ‘to do’ – list, the unattractive busy-ness!?
Stepping back, taking time out, consciously reflecting or unconsciously resting, I believe that’s what we all need more of,  during a working day, during busy times in life, to be better in relationships, as parents, as living beings. Looking after oneself is so important, for physical as well as mental wellness. And one basic for overall wellness is sleep, which most of us don’t seem to get enough of during the night – possibly caused by the over use of screens…so stepping away from screens for a nap only seems right, every now and again!
Whereas we certainly have the perfect working environment here at Tribe Porty, with a cosy sofa corner, blankets, and friendly co-workers, I think I might just stick to my naps at home.
However, Keith, I adore your ability to power nap after you have your lunch. I love how comfortable, secure and confident your work place makes you feel. And the positive and productive vibes you give off afterwards are infectious.
Maybe Tribe Porty is the next work place to support napping after ‘Nike’, ‘Ben & Jerry’s’ and ‘Huffington’s Post’, supporting their co-workers in taking their health and wellness serious.
Do also check out our classes and workshops at Tribe Porty: We want our community happy and healthy in their hearts, minds, and bodies.