20 NOVEMBER from 5pm
A Light for Aleppo is a simple idea.  It’s about letting people in Aleppo and other war-torn places know that they have not been forgotten by us, that they’ll be remembered and their cause brought before others when we light beacons on our coastlines or candles in our homes.
Launched as a university initiative by the University of Edinburgh’s Chaplaincy, A Light for Aleppo is supported by groups and individuals around the globe – beacons of hope and support will be lit in Norway, Taiwan, Chile, Greece and Japan.
Communities along the Firth of Forth coast will light torches on Sunday, 20th of November at 5pm, in a gesture of hope and solidarity with the besieged residents of Aleppo in Syria.
One of  our Tribe Porty members has initiated a gathering on Portobello beach at the very same time, to which everyone is invited (more details to follow).
The displays of light will be sparked to show support and raise funds for people in the city, which has been ravaged by civil war. Donations will go to Oxfam and to Mediciens sans Frontieres.
At Tribe Porty, we are keen to show support, so join us in this solidarity initiative, at Portobello Beach, or place a lit candle in your window to show those who face daily conflict and starvation that the world is spreading out beacons of vigilance and hope.
Find more info on the Facebook Page or on the website.
Photo credit: Tim Maguire