Autumnal Struggles

The days are getting shorter, the heating is coming on with the cooling weather, energy levels are low, there are not enough hours in the day and everything simply seems too much.
Are you with me? During the summer months, I feel I have so much energy, spending lots of time outside, soaking up the sun, enjoying the smell of summer skin and even the scent that summer rain leaves behind. Living is easy in the summer. We get a chance to store up on Vitamin D, the days are light late into the evening, but all this is coming to an end, and I feel like going into hibernation,and shut down for the winter, like some mammals do, and also trees…I feel sad and depressed to be entering the long months of winter. In Scotland.
Getting up is a struggle and I want to go to bed even before the children’s bedtime, battling with the constant tiredness, I am endlessly cold, numb and in terrible moods, which aren’t helped by the female monthly cycle.
There is so much to do, so many things that need sorting out, organised and communicated, but I can’t find the energy to even be nice to my children or partner.
To the outside world I pretend all is OK, I don’t want people to worry or think I am down. On the contrary, I am a pleaser, I prioritise others, put on a smile and bend over backwards for friends, hiding any angst-y feelings or stresses. The famous British stiff upper lip…
What I am totally ignoring is the fact that what I actually need is some self-care, some nurturing moments and time to myself, some candle light. What I really need is some conscious awareness of how I really feel, accept where my strengths and weaknesses lie and not deny myself those feelings.
I will take some time for myself, and commit┬áto Dawn’s 6 week Mindful Life Workshop, starting on the 4th October. I am hoping she will help me find the energy that is hidden inside me, and show me strategies of how I can bring balance and relaxation into my everyday life. Will you come and join me?