Friends and Journeys

I was recently tagged in a tweet from Cultured Mongrel Dance about what my #RelationResolution for #MHAW16.  For those of you who are just about to google the acronym, that stands for Mental Health Awareness Week.  My video tweet back was about enjoying the commutes and journeys to places. I was mostly thinking about getting to Tribe and how I feel like I am rushing everywhere and am missing the spaces in between.  For me, the time to myself in a present and relaxed state helps me the most when it comes to supporting and keeping good relationships. When I move from one thing to another or one task to another, I find my self winding up like a piece of string-which eventually has no give left. And considering, relationships are what make everything worth it for me; it is important to pay attention to the elasticity of that string.  With the current times wedging divisions between people, I have been thinking about how important relationships are even more. How can we find ways to connect better? Here is something which made sense for me.

Present to Life, Moment by Moment — Jon Kabat-Zinn

We are matter, kindred with ocean and tree and sky. We are flesh and blood and bone. Mind and spirit are as physical as they are mental. The line we’d drawn between them was whimsy, born of the limits of our understanding.
Emotions and memories, from despair to gladness, root in our bodies. Our brains lay physical pathways and lay bodily direction. Our bodies are longing and joy and fear and a lifelong desire to be safe and loved, incarnate.

To listen or read more, go here.
One thing that has really helped me enjoy my journeys more is my new scooter! Tribers have also followed the scooting trend and it makes me smile every time I see one around Porty. So the scooter gets a 10 out of 10 for journeys and friends. Scoot on.