Physical Health Personal Training at Tribe

Situated in the fabulous White Hall at Tribe Porty, Physical Health Personal Training (PHPT) offers expert Pilates training for all levels of fitness and abilities. Here you will find our very own Pilates Studio, complete with the latest Joseph Pilates equipment designed to work every muscle in your body through a proven method of strength and resistance techniques. Each session lasts 1 hour and is available on a 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 basis with our professional Pilates teacher, Sabrina Severo.
If group sessions are more your thing then we run 3 Mat Fitness Pilates Classes each week. These sessions are aimed at strengthening your core and include the varied use of Dyna Bands, Balance Discs and Pilates Rings. We can’t promise that it will be easy, but we can promise that it’s worth it!
We also offer a unique Mother & Baby  class every Monday at 10:30am. While one of the aims of this class is to help you regain your pre pregnancy figure, strengthen your core and pelvic floor, the bigger goal is to help new mums back into a routine after child birth and building their confidence along the way. This small class provides a lovely warm environment for you to meet other new mums in Porty, spend some quality time bonding with your baby, and giving you a workout too! It’s a win win!
In addition, we also run our Conquer Gravity class every Monday at 7:30pm. Designed using the principles of Pilates, Callisthenics and Suspension Training to develop inner core, functional strength and improve flexibility, this class with take your Pilates to a whole new level. Conquer Gravity classes will enable you to master your body, making you stronger and more confident in every facet of your life, physically and mentally.
Physical Health Personal Training offers a holistic lifestyle training method including personal fitness training, injury recovery and prevention, Pilates and nutrition guidance – everything is designed to help you achieve your personal goals.
Whether your goals are to lose weight, change your body shape, improve your strength, recover from injury, keep healthy Pre or Post pregnancy, cope with life’s stresses or just generally feel more energized and alive, PHPT will work with you along the way.
For further information, email sabrina@phpt.co.uk or call 07922 202 968.”