We are really proud of Triber Jana and her husband Rory on their recent project in Lisbon for Palacio Belmonte, which is recognized as one of the most beautiful hotels of the world. She used her time at Tribe to to develop ideas and fabricate them into reality. You can read more information on the project here. 
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We were commissioned  to developed and fabricated 3 new Artworks over the period of past 10 month which are on display under the show title  “Cut by Light” and are part of the larger project called Light craft Belmonte. Exhibition “Cut by light”  is site-specific intervention comprising permanent and ephemeral art works for occasion of 15 years hotel anniversary.
Portuguese Press very well received exhibition and astonishing 250 people attended opening event.
Being based at Tribe Porty allowed us to develop sculpture ideas and fabricate one of the Artworks ( “Her silent Sonata and his silent dance”). It’s been a pleasure to work in such creative community and great space. Thank you and we hope you enjoy visuals from our outcome.
LIGHTCRAFT  BELMONTE was developed in the framework of the International Year of Light, curated by Frédéric Coustols and Mário Caeiro. Three Original interpretations of the Art of Light, in the outdoor and indoor spaces of the magnificent Palácio Belmonte, in Lisbon.
Maria Ursula Ballroom
“Outside over there” (2016) is a Relief made from Yellow and green Acrylic forms, positioned against a mirrored background ,which plays with perspective and perception. Inspired by silhouettes of stalagmites, the two-dimensional shapes alter in relation to viewer’s movement.
“Outside over there” invites the viewer to open the door of imagination and enter the secret and mysterious worlds out there hiding behind our “ordinary” yet extraordinary lives.
East Terrace
“Night rider” (2016) It’s a monumental triangular form reminiscent, of boat sail seen emerging from crisp white background of Palacio Belmonte wall and silhouettes against the Lisbon sky. The sculpture has its own life. Shape and appearing patterns constantly change depending on direction and intensity of the wind. Made out of 13 000 Tyvek stripes attached to fish net, the sculpture celebrates black and white colors of Lisbon and all the pirates of the earth.
Music room
The two artworks at the Music Room are an act of love. The two artists establish between themselves, the space and the cultural vision, which fuels the Palace, an extremely sensitive dialogue which pays attention to lowermost and intimate traces of the place. 
“ Her silent sonata” (2015) is large neon thread embroidery piece inspired by marks on Belmonte’s façade in partnership “His silent dance” (2015) is an elegant bespoke furniture piece, which a built-in UV lamp was added. The piece carries an embroidery detail of one of the Azulejos (traditional Portuguese tiles) in the room representing music players in the field. The viewer is invited into little play trying to find the tile in this silent puzzle.