2016: The Year of the Tribe

We get the opportunity to work with some amazing folks over here at Tribe Porty.  Eugenia was in the audience of our first ever TEDxPortobello and recently blogged about some of her amazing upcoming projects at Tribe.  We are so glad to support such great people like her.  You can read the full blog post and check out her website here.
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Last year I met a swell woman by the name of Johanna. I could tell you all the amazing things she does, but there are simply too many things to list here in this wee post – so if you’re inclined, see her stuff at Cycle-Hack, Penny in Yo’Pants or via @JoHoltan.
Anyhoo, through Jo I was introduced to another totally awesome lady by the name of Dani Trudeau. Together they have been busy laying the foundations for a community and place called Tribe Porty:

Tribe Porty is a place to make good things happen-a connectivity hub which promotes a healthy and happy community.

I had good fortune of discovering the wonder of Tribe Porty for the first time in May 2015, when they hosted the first ever TEDx Portobello (watch out for info on the 2016 event, coming soon). There I witnessed enthusiasm that was like a contagion. Dani, Jo, Steve Earl and the team were so full-hearted and earnest in their support and encouragement of the local Portobello community, and those surrounding it, you couldn’t help but be inspired. My imagination was captured in that day and I wanted to know more!
The Tribe Porty story starts when Dani, having been a dancer, and educator and later working in the social enterprise sector, was inspired by it’s the community minded values and grass roots affects of social entrepreneurism. A vision began bubbling and she dreamt of creating a place where good people could work together not only for their own growth and enjoyment, but for the common good too. You can get more full-hearted than that! (Find our more by watching Dani’s Melting Pot Q&A session here).
So fast forward to 2016 and the seeds of inspiration planted way back at Tribe Porty’s TEDx Portobello in May 2015 have now met with intention, encouragement and commitment. I’m committing to several creative actions this year and the first of those is a Tribe Porty Creative Circle in the tradition of Julia Camerons’ The Artist’s Way.
PS. I’m super excited and hope you can join me.
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