Suzanne R Livingstone

Suzanne R Livingstone

How did you come to Tribe?
After I had my son, I wanted a space to work that wasn’t home, but was close to home. I immediately thought of Tribe as that place (and it feels a bit like home). I’ve also used Tribe in the past for hot desking, meeting room hire, to attend courses (photography and upcycling) and for Pilates. It’s a very welcoming and versatile space.

What makes you smile?
My son and partner, my cat, my family. My garden – I love to grow things, particularly fruit and flowers. Capturing happy moments on my camera. Nature, the beach and the sea, walks, dancing about in the kitchen cooking tasty food, and then eating it.

What do you like about Tribe most?
There are always interesting things going on and interesting people to talk to. It is also a creative space, and somewhere to share ideas. I love that it’s in the heart of Portobello and is a 10 minute walk from my house. The dogs are a wonderful addition.

What are you working on right now?
I’m a biodiversity specialist working on a number of large infrastructure projects (mostly in West Africa), advising on how to achieve Net Gain on biodiversity. I work for a small company based in Cambridge who specialise in managing biodiversity risk for business. Personally, I’m working on a photobook project, collating images from Glasgow University Expeditions to Trinidad spanning the years between 1989 and 2019. It’s fantastic to see all the pictures of fieldwork and people over the years, and it’s a place close to my heart having spent a lot of time there studying frogs doing my PhD on leatherback turtles.