Sophie Harrison

Sophie Harrison

How did you come to Tribe?
Most of my clients are in East Africa, which is where I’ve spent a good proportion of my life. So when I’m not out there running around the savannah I’m working remotely in the UK, and I go crazy working from home. I searched online for relaxed, dog-friendly coworking spaces in Edinburgh and you had me at the word Tribe!

What makes you smile?
My sassy little terrier. The hard-earned view from the top of a mountain. Being silly with my siblings. Kenyan humour.

What do you love about Tribe the most?
I love that it’s such a creative, light, inclusive space. I love that there are plants everywhere and awesome artwork on the walls. And I love the connections I’m building here.

What are you working on right now?
Among other things, I’m working on the copy and design of an annual report for my main client in Kenya. They work with local communities to establish wildlife conservation areas that catalyse peace, economic empowerment and sustainable natural resources management. They support 39 community conservancies across an area twice the size of Wales so the report needs to convey a lot very succinctly. Good job, I love a challenge!