Danni Gordon

Danni Gordon

How did you come to Tribe?

Can’t really remember how I was introduced to Tribe but it went: DANI + TRIBE WOMEN + CREATIVE MORNINGS + ALEX + SEED HAUS = Desk share for 2 days a week at Tribe…

What makes you smile? 

Eh… everything… I’m quick to smile. It’s so good for the endorphin rush! Especially when the last thing you feel like doing, is smiling… I’ll always force a wee one on to my face to release some good brain chemicals. But perhaps what makes me smile the most is looking at a pal’s beaming face over a giant table full of SE Asian food.

What do you like about Tribe most?

The vibe… 100% the vibe. Everyone is a smiler. Everyone looks dedicated. Everyone is helpful. Everyone has a moment to talk if you need help or a break. Oh also… it’s a creative and textured space filled with light and the smell of coffee and green plants. Oh and the garden! What a bonus to have a choice of outside areas to soak up the chilly Edinburgh sun.

What are you working on right now?

I’m just about to flesh out some Chachi projects I’ve had on the backburner for a year or two… A podcast, an app and a kids book. All to do with body image and helping people be happier in their skin. I need some focussed time to get them figured out but I’m terribly excited about all three! If anyone can help me create some magic with them then I’m up for collaborating!