Catalyse Change

Sat across the table from a leader.

Or in the midst of a discussion with a team.

Working to help an organisation clarify their purpose and practices.Catalyse Change empowers and equips leaders to release potential in people and places around them. And they first have to go on that journey personally before they can bring the change professionally.
So we work with people, with passions, with problems and with potential.

We start by helping people to discover their passions – who they are, what they are made for, how they are wired and how to get the best out for themselves. We then work with them (and sometimes their team and/or organisation) to overcome the key problems and challenges preventing them living out the passions they have identified. Individuals are equipped and empowered to access the latent potential within themselves, their team, their system and their environment, to be able to do more, see more, experience more, advance more and achieve more.

We work with leaders, leadership teams and organisations training leaders around areas such as vision clarity, culture development, leadership development, team/group practices and community engagement). Our training processes are dynamic, interactive and tailored to the context and culture, and are delivered in many different ways (morning or one-day workshops, consultancy with a team, online coaching or 36 or 48-hour training events for teams).

We use the same principles in every context and culture, specifically applied to the individual or organisation we are working with. For example, our work at Tribe Porty with the Family Coaching sessions was to create an environment of discussion and discovery for couples to work towards owning clarity, purpose and intentionality as families within their relationships and resources.

We also work in collaboration with other organisations in particular projects or geography. Our training is currently happening in 27 different countries acrss teh globe – many places, in many forms. Amongst others, we have worked with Healthcare charities and consultancy business in Scotland, Youth Organisations in Kenya, Denominations in Australia and New Zealand and many more.

We also train on communication skills & projects with leaders to help individuals and organisations find their voice, tell their story and engage their people.
The passion of Catalyse Change is to see healthy, authentic and effective leadership expressed in every sphere, country and context.