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Tribe Porty Youth Theatre

Tribe Porty  Youth Theatre is a young & growing theatre company made up of children aged 2–18. Originally started as a youth project devised for children of the community to be able to have the opportunity to learn and perform theatre, Tribe Porty Youth Theatre has since spread its wings and is now one of the leading Youth Theatre groups in Scotland.  Larah Bross and Shauna Macdonald now head up the Tribe Porty Youth Theatre and bring in other professionals in the industry to guest teach many different aspects of performing.

Tribe Porty Youth Theatre only runs during school term times. 

To find out more, visit their website.

We also do other projects including an inter-generational project.

If you would like to be involved or want to know more, please get in touch, or follow us on Facebook.

Our Teachers

Tribe June 008 Tribe June 017 Shauna Macdonald

Our Work

Portoville:  A project through Tribe Porty Youth Theatre. The children were asked to bring in 3 unrelated objects from home that made them feel ‘happy’. The objects were laid out on the floor and then randomly divided up so every child had 3 objects that they did not bring in themselves. The team were then challenged to create a drawing of a character that these unrelated objects belonged to. The young film makers were asked to form a clear image of who this new character was. Finally the film makers were asked the question, ‘What does my character want out of life and why can’t they get it?’. After the film makers presented their characters to their peers we brain stormed ideas as to how these 10 characters could be connected. A world began to grow out of their imagination. That afternoon was spent improvising and exploring scenes born out of their imagination but grounded by the theme ‘What does my character want and why can’t they get it?’. This meant, by the end of the first day,  the children had created a solid story which involved all ten characters, all of which had some internal struggle. Myself and Ruth Barrie finalised the script over night, agreed locations and prepared props ready for the filming to begin!

The filmmakers and their parents attended a screening of the film at The Skylark where they got to see ‘Portoville’ on the big screen for the first time. This was a magical moment. The children could not believe their achievement and were thrilled to see themselves star in there own movie, The parents were blown over by how professional the film was. This is all credit to the kids.


Porty People: A short moc-doc created by the senior cast of Tribe Porty Youth Theatre.

porty people from Larah Bross on Vimeo.