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Mathieu Causse


Mathieu and his young family have moved to Portobello from Paris recently.  Mathieu works for ADAGOS, a start-up based in Toulouse, France. He is working in the Big Data field which basically means finding answers based on the huge data quantity that all kinds of connected objects are nowadays able to collect. Most of the time customers don’t have the clue how to deal with such an amount of information to solve their problems. Clearly last years improvements in what’s called ‘Deep Learning’ methods are a game changer. Just think about the ‘Google Self-Driving Car’ which engineers estimate it will take 5 billions kilometers of recorded driving to make perfectly safe, i.e. to train the embedded software to appropriately react to all kinds of events. How do you cope with that tremendous amount of data to train an Artificial Intelligence system?

So far, Mathieu is working with the Renault Formula One Team on these related topics, which is quite an exciting challenge for the kid he is.