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James Nikitine

Marine Conservation & Communications


James is an interdisciplinary marine environment project management professional with expertise in marine science, marine conservation, marine policy, planning and monitoring. Originally from Geneva, James has a background of 5+ years in digital communications, project management, consultancy services, video production, NGOs, marine conservation and marine tourism. He studied in the UK (Exeter, Edinburgh), Paris, and spent 3 years in the South Pacific, is a member of IUCN WCPA, an active contributor to its marine young professional task force, CIIEM and Global Ocean Trust. James’ objective is to work in ocean conservation, educating people towards the sustainable management of marine ecosystems, through scientific research, advocacy and digital communications.
More info found at: and you can follow him on twitter @jamesnikitine
Currently James is working for IUCN as a freelance consultant producing and directing a 26-minute documentary about high seas governance. The film also tells the story of an oceanographic expedition to a shallow water high seas seamount (20m) they did in April/May 2017 in the South West Indian Ocean during a 26-day cruise, financed by the French Environment Fund, in partnership with the Natural History Museum of Paris and France’s R&D Institute. They did a complete survey, diving and exploring the water column around the undersea mountain. James’ tasks involve writing, underwater filming, stakeholder engagement, marine policy and marine scientific expertise, supervising the pre-production, production and post-production processes. The film will Premiere at the International Marine Protected Area Congress in Chile in September 2017.

More information about the expedition here: