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Danielle Trudeau

Founding Director/ Tribe Porty


Tribe Porty is a community interest company which was set up from the desire to create a place where ideas and opportunities could be created and supported. Dani had the vision of a place where good things could happen with good people; people who didn’t just think about themselves but thought about the common good. Dani loves the possibilities of good ideas which are encouraged and supported to develop, no matter what it is and who thought of it. So many working and even community spaces are limited by rules, by the ‘norm’, by fear. What would happen if a space encouraged innovation and doing, not only in its physical environment but also in it’s culture. Tribe Porty aims to be the centre of the community; a place that connects everything else and who’s culture and good ideas can spread.

Dani has worked within the third sector for the past 10 years and within social enterprise for the past 6 years. Dani started her own consulting business delivery behavioural science when she was 25 and firmly believe that creating the right culture is vital to the future and direction of any business. Dani is also co-founder of Trade School Edinburgh, an alternative classroom which uses barter items in exchange for skills and knowledge.

Dani loves to connect with people and help others connect and support her local community thrive and prosper. Dani also enjoys making things and upcycling whenever possible.