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The new Yogi on the block

Coming from a mental health background I became interested in the body and mind. I wanted to be able to make a contribution to the health of others. After my Mental Health Qualification, and working in the NHS / Voluntary Sector, my next aims were to gain qualifications in alternative therapies. I then studied to become a Reflexologist and Indian Head masseuse.

To continue with my personal development of health and well-being, I registered for a Yoga Teacher training course in 2011. My love for yoga came from my own practice over many years, and this inspired me to become a yoga instructor, so I could share the many gifts and benefits of yoga with others. I ran some smaller classes as a student Yoga Teacher in 2012, and since then have been running classes since I qualified in 2013.

I have completed further training so I can offer yoga to almost any age group and completed my Kids and Teens Yoga in 2014.


In 2017 I completed level 1 Teach children Meditation. The course consisted of:

> Understanding how stress affects the mind, body and emotions

> Learn how meditation can be a powerful antidote to stress and anxiety for all ages.

> Learn how to create meditation scripts for any age/ability of child/teen

> Develop your confidence in delivering meditations to children

> Understand the differences between meditation and mindfulness

> Learn to tune in to your child’s needs so you can deliver the most healing meditations for children/teens

> Learn how to set up a meditation space suitable for children (from toddlers + to teens)

> Understand the differences in teaching children meditation of different ages

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Yoga for children is more than just teaching Yoga, its offering a range of holistic activities and experiences to create a substantial foundation for young people. In an over – stimulated world that is moving very quickly and where children are growing up faster than ever are Yoga, relaxation, and meditation are vital in providing a place of calm, balance, and creating a healthy body in which to grow.

In teaching children Yoga, we can use a holistic heart-based approach to uphold, support, inspire and motivate children.



> stretches and strengthens the growing bodies, maintain and increases flexibility, develops co-ordination, balance and good posture.

> Is non-competitive, teaches non-judgement towards self and others.

> Great for fun, focus, concentration, stillness, calm.

> Develops heathy lungs, brings awareness to the breath.

> Teaches self-management – building up resilience and managing emotions.

> Reduces stress and anxiety.


Games and partner work > Interactive – building confidence, self -esteem, and social skills.

Provides opportunities for creative thinking, problem solving, and fun


Relaxation and Visualisation

  • Sparks imaginative creativity
  • bring a deeper awareness s to body, mind and emotions
  • brings a peaceful relaxed stae of being




  • Allows activity in the mind to settle
  • Teaches discipline of the mind, bringing clarity, and the ability to focus more easily
  • Empowering, helping children to feel centered, and balanced in the face of challenge and adversity





Adult Yoga class: Wednesdays, 1-2pm

Children and Parent class (age 3-6): Friday, 1.30pm – 2.30pm

Children and Parent class (age 7-10): Saturday, 12.30-1.30pm


(£5.50 per child)