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Meet The Tribe

Tribe Porty is about finding your Tribes. You might have a few Tribes, you might change your Tribes with time, the important part is finding like-minded people and do amazing things.

Here are a few amazing folk so far.

Juliana Capes


Jo Jeffries

Youth Theatre Coach

Ronnie MacPherson

Director / Lead Consultant

Paul Lambie

Secret Agent

Kathryn Lawrence

The Daisy Foundation

Brynley Davies

Director Service Course

Matt Cullin

Director, Jade Rapture

Jacqueline Miller

Marketing & Events Manager, Service Course

Penny Johnstone

Pilates Instructor

Aliya Ryan

Digital Democracy

Christina Miller

Pilates Instructor

Mathieu Causse

Lewis Notarangelo

Videographer and Photographer

Joel Chaney

Tess Welsh


Esther Clayton

ec-design studio

Keith Kirkwood

Technical Writer / Design Apprentice

Anna Neubert-Wood

Tribe Porty Marketing and Events

Ruth Gabrielle Lee Barrie

Filmmaker & Musician

Bob Cummins

Behavioural Science Director

Johanna Holtan

Project Manager, Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme

Glenda Rome

Freelance Film Maker

Sabrina Severo

Holistic Exercise Specialist & Pilates Instructor

Danielle Trudeau

Founding Director/ Tribe Porty

Steve Earl


Shauna Macdonald

Actor & Co-Artistic Director of Tribe PYT

Julia Woodman

Alexander Technique, BSc, PhD, MSTAT

Geoffrey Baines


Marc Millar


Lee Johnson

Architect & Developer

James Nikitine

Marine Conservation & Communications

Marta GirĂ³n

Photographer & Artist

Larah Bross

Comedian, Actor & Co-Artistic Director of Tribe PYT