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Meet The Tribe

Tribe Porty is about finding your Tribes. You might have a few Tribes, you might change your Tribes with time, the important part is finding like-minded people and do amazing things.

Here are a few amazing folk so far.

Juliana Capes


Jo Jeffries

Youth Theatre Coach

Ronnie MacPherson

Director / Lead Consultant

Paul Lambie

Secret Agent

Kathryn Lawrence

The Daisy Foundation

Brynley Davies

Director Service Course

Matt Cullin

Director, Jade Rapture

Jacqueline Miller

Marketing & Events Manager, Service Course

Penny Johnstone

Pilates Instructor

Aliya Ryan

Digital Democracy

Christina Miller

Pilates Instructor

Mathieu Causse

Lewis Notarangelo

Videographer and Photographer

Joel Chaney

Tess Welsh


James Nikitine

Marine Conservation & Communications

Esther Clayton

ec-design studio

Keith Kirkwood

Technical Writer / Design Apprentice

Ruth Gabrielle Lee Barrie

Filmmaker & Musician

Bob Cummins

Behavioural Science Director

Johanna Holtan

Project Manager, Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme

Glenda Rome

Freelance Film Maker

Sabrina Severo

Holistic Exercise Specialist & Pilates Instructor

Danielle Trudeau

Founding Director/ Tribe Porty

Steve Earl


Shauna Macdonald

Actor & Co-Artistic Director of Tribe PYT

Julia Woodman

Alexander Technique, BSc, PhD, MSTAT

Geoffrey Baines


Marc Millar


Lee Johnson

Architect & Developer

Anna Neubert-Wood

Tribe Porty Marketing and Events


Yoga Teacher

Marta GirĂ³n

Photographer & Artist

Larah Bross

Comedian, Actor & Co-Artistic Director of Tribe PYT