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MasterCard Foundation Scholars

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Programme, at the University of Edinburgh, has a brand new summer school. As part of the scholarship program, the 4-week academy will take their students through an immersive learning experience to build the practical skills and mindset necessary for transformative leadership. The bespoke syllabus is a unique blend of theoretical, mindful, reflective and active practice, built around a series of four live local projects in Edinburgh so students get to take their learning out into the wild.

The programme’s Summer School students come from a diverse background including current undergraduate MasterCard Foundation Scholars from Africa, undergraduate Scholars from other partner institutions throughout Africa, and other undergraduate students from the University of Edinburgh. Meet our first group of summer school students here.

Tribe is not the only community partner, there are three other amazing community partners to help address challenges they face in their communities. Meet our community partners here. The programme also includes over 30 session leaders from the University, the city and even bringing in our friends at City Labs in Aberdeen. Meet our session leaders here.

Tribe Porty will keep you all informed with what the students have worked on at the end of the month. They have narrowed the focus down to researching how to engage with groups not yet known to Tribe. In the meantime, they have been busy interviewing a good mix of existing Tribe members, the public and local councillors.

Meet Judith, Wycliffe and Vanessa.

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