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Homelessness & Housing

We can often feel helpless when it comes to big societal issues like homelessness. We know it is a problem, we might even know someone who has been homeless, but how can we really make a positive difference? Here is one small way- support those who want to investigate the problems further. Spend time and energy on trying to understand the issues further.
One of Tribe Porty’s coworkers is Ally Tibbitt; Ally is involved in a lot of good stuff and The Ferret is one of them. Recently, The Ferret had a good night at the Refugee Scotland Festival Media Awards 2017. Not only did they win in the Online/Multimedia category, they also gained 2 runner-up prizes too.
All three stories were funded part of a crowd-funded investigation into asylum and refugees. The media co-op is hoping to have similar success with a new investigation in housing and homelessness into Scotland. The crowdfunder for that investigation is currently open (and it’s also the best value way to get hold a subscription).  You can pitch in here:
Ferret win