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How to stay mindful and balanced this season!

It’s December! The Christmas madness has started, so many things to do, tasks to complete, before the 25th December, I am sweating and trembling at the sheer thought of it – how did it come around so quickly again? Did we not say we’d be well prepared this time, and approach it all calm and steady?

If you are anything like me, you need to STOP:

  • Stop: Pause for a moment before you say or do anything impulsive.
  • Take a breath: Take three deep breaths and count to 5.
  • Observe: If you can, ‘take a step back’ in your mind, and if it helps you focus take a physical step back too.
  • Perspective: Take a critical look at the situation, see it from the other person’s perspective (if someone else is involved) and then harness the positive events of that day or something you are looking forward to soon and now continue with your actions.

We at Tribe Porty, encourage you to keep things simple this month, too! Everything can get too much, when all it takes is a little. Be present, be with your loved ones, embrace what you have and count your blessings.

One way of stopping the madness is to get on your mat and get moving, do yoga, breathe, and let the breath guide your movement!

Tribe Porty is very lucky to have this beautiful and gifted yogi join us, I will hand you over to Brigid – who you might already have seen over at Instagram – let her help you add some mindfulness and balance to your Christmas madness:

Hello! Let me to introduce myself: my name is Brigid Brennan (the Irish spelling), and I am a freelance yoga instructor from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I came to Edinburgh in August, right in the midst of the Fringe Festival! Since then, I have picked up a few classes around town, and I am so happy to have begun teaching twice weekly at Tribe Porty.


My background in movement initiated when I was five years old with Irish Dancing. I traveled around the United States competing on the national level, and twice qualified and competed in the World Championships in Ireland. Once I went off to pursue higher education, I left behind my dancing days, though the dedication and discipline honed through this craft have remained with me since then.


Yoga entered my life while I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy. I ended up staying in Florence for nearly five years, studying, working, traveling, and eventually completing my teacher training certification in Ashtanga Vinyasa. While I no longer practice Ashtanga Yoga, my teaching has definitely evolved in such a way as to incorporate some of the more flowing movements associated with dance.


My main aim in every yoga class is to make each student feel good! What is not to like about feeling good about your body, and having a more positive outlook on life? With each class, I provide lots of options to make yoga accessible, no matter the level of the practitioner. I enjoy working with beginners just as well as teaching a fast-paced Vinyasa Flow class.


In the future, my aim is to run international yoga retreats, mainly around the Mediterranean. This past summer I had the absolutely pleasure of teaching two retreats in Croatia, where I hope to return. Other destinations will include Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and very likely a return trip to Italy. Please drop me a line or stop in to one of the two classes I offer at Tribe Porty on Tuesdays. I would be so happy to meet you!

Class details:

Tuesday Lunchtime, 12.30pm – Vinyasa Flow

Tuesday Evening, 6.15pm – Vinyasa Flow

January only: Thursday evening, 7.30pm – Yin Yoga

Contact: Find Brigid on Instagram or email her:

Class prices: £10 drop in

£45 for 5 classes

£80 for 10 classes.

Yoga with Brigid (2)