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Glow Meditation

Kirsty Montgomery is a level 2 professional tutor in mindfulness and meditation
specialising in childrens meditation as certified by Calm Kids founder Lorraine

Glow meditation is a down to earth approach to meditation and mindfulness for
all ages to embrace.


Its within all of us instinctively, its just a case of listening and responding to your
own mind and body. As with most things in life the earlier you start and the more
you practice the more benefit you will receive.

Kirsty is passionate about children having this in their life as a skill although its not
too late for bigger folk!

Glow is designed to help with focus, self esteem, sleep, self healing, relaxation
and living mindfully in the moment.

We achieve this through guided meditation, chanting, breathing , EFT,
acupressure, laughter and many other techniques.

Classes at Tribe:
Tuesday 1.45 -2.30 Wee Glow – Parent and child class for kids aged 2-4.
Wednesday 2pm -2.45 Baby Glow – for parent and babies under 2
Wednesday 3.15-4pm Kids Glow – for kids in P1-P3
Wednesday 4.15-5pm Wee Glow – Parent and child class for kids aged 2-4.
Wednesday 5.15 -6pm Kids Glow – for kids in P4-P7


Book here! Wee Glow

Mother and daughter doing exercise outdoors