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Get strong and toned with Kettlercise at Tribe Porty

Fiona is a fully qualified Kettlebells and Pilates Teacher.  She started teaching fitness classes when she returned from living in the stunning Rocky Mountains of Canada.  Her exhilarating outdoor lifestyle in Canada consisted of climbing mountains and snowboarding.  In her late 20s she had some health problems that were solved after doing lots of research in to healthy eating and diet and putting this knowledge in to practice.  The combination of healthy diet and exercise was life changing for Fiona and gave her a new lease of life.  She was then inspired to help others achieve their health and fitness goals though teaching and sharing her passion for exercise.

Fiona teaches at Tribe Porty on a Tuesday morning, at 9.45am. Her Kettlebells classes are followed by a Pilates class. You can get a special deal if you attend both classes, for double the benefit!


Trigger point pilates




Kettlercise is an all over body workout that gets results fast and the class only lasts 50 minutes.

It is a group fitness class based entirely on training with on one piece of equipment a Kettlebell!

It is THE single most effective Kettlebell fat burning workout designed to shape and sculpt your body for rapid fat loss and a lean toned body.

It is a great fun workout, easy to follow and lasts only 50 mins.

If you want to burn calories, lose fat and define your muscles than this is the class for you.

Both men and women of all fitness levels enjoy Kettlercise.


Studio kettlebell

Kettlebell training is growing in popularity because of the amazing results you get in a short space of time.

You will see a noticeable improvement in your body shape and tone as well as your fitness levels with just a few sessions.

The class is unrivalled when it comes to producing results and whatever your current fitness level or ability you will be sure to find Kettlercise fun yet challenging.


Why Kettlercise

Kettlercise is fun and challenging. Each class incorporates 37 kettlebell exercises ranging from basic moves to more advanced techniques.

Easy to learn, Fiona will demonstrated and guide you through the proper technique for each exercise so no previous experience is necessary.

Each workout recruits multiple muscle groups that work simultaneously for conditioning the entire body.

The benefits are improved strength in your core and back as well as effectively toning of your body particularly the legs, bums, hips and stomach.

You will burn lots of calories in a Kettlercise class and each workout raised your metabolic rate resulting in you continuing to burn more calories 24 hours a day.

The fast paced and dynamic workout is aerobic therefore improving cardiovascular health as well as helping you to lose weight fast.

The resistance of the kettlebell is what improves the tone, shape, strength and look for your muscles helping you to look and feel fantastic.

Other benefits include injury prevention, improved posture, increased bone density and endurance.


What are people saying about Kettlercise:

“Kettlercise – I’d definitely recommend it – it’s a total body workout in a short space of time. You get a real buzz out of it & I’ve never seen result like this even after years of being a gym goer”

“The best thing about Kettlercise is it’s achievable, anyone can do it and it covers all different standards of fitness!”

“I’ve only been doing Kettlercise for just over 2 month now and I’m new to Kettlebells but I’ve seen a really big difference in overall strength and body shape. It’s been a very quick result for me I’m very pleased with it.”

“Kettlercise has helped with weight management, alignment and balance of my right and left side.  It has been good for body conditioning and you can adapt the weights and go at your own pace.  It has been good for injury prevention with great advice and explanation throughout the class. I like how I have improved my mind body connection, I am pushing myself, I feel strong and have more energy. It is brilliant”

“Kettercise has helped me strengthen my back, and toned my arms.  Fiona is a great instructor, she has kept me motivated. It is a good class to strengthen your whole body and is quite different from usual gym classes.”

“Kettlercise has helped me get back in to a healthy lifestyle.  I would definitely recommend it.  Over the last 3 years I have had numerous friends and family attend the class. It works! It is welcoming and approachable class.  Fiona is friendly and encouraging, there is a great atmosphere. Kettlercise has helped me lose 5 stone. I love it!!”


Do you have any more questions?

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Fitness Instructor and Pilates Teacher

Arbonne Independent Consultant

Phone: +44 7787401129


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