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Exploring What Matters

We’re excited to be bringing the Exploring What Matters course to Tribe Porty. Starting in April, the

course has already boosted the happiness and wellbeing of people across the UK and beyond,

offering them a chance to tune into expert points of view, reflect on what’s important to them,

discuss with likeminded individuals and plan for positive action in their own lives. The course has

been created by Action for Happiness, a movement working for a happier, more caring world and is

run in communities by volunteer facilitators – like us! For Mairi and I, running this course is about

sharing ideas that have made a difference to the way we live our lives and learning from the

perspectives and experiences of the people who choose to join us.

One of the things which I really like about for Action for Happiness is the richness of their idea of

happiness. It’s not about achieving a state of constant, unwavering upbeat emotions beamed out to

the world through a permanent smile on your face or being always at the ready to hug the next

person you meet. Rather, Action for Happiness are about the kind of happiness which blends

together compassion, stillness, connection, resilience and perspective to know that you are good,

can feel good and can do good. They are about having the practices and insights to be honest with

ourself about where we’re at emotionally, coupled with the awareness and confidence to know how

to move forward in the direction you want to travel. It’s also an understanding of happiness which

sees the pursuit of happiness as more than an individual’s quest to find personal fulfillment. It’s

about the way that finding our own happiness creates ripples of happiness which then reach out

through your family, your workplace and your community. It’s about the way that my happiness is

interdependent on your happiness.

Having said all this, it’s also important to say that this is a course which asks lots of important

questions but isn’t about giving you answers. By joining us on a Saturday morning you’ll be giving

yourself the time and space to work out and work on what matters most to you. The course

examines what success really is, how to find happiness at work and in relationships as well as how to

make a positive difference in our community. The lived experiences of those of us in the room will

work alongside the insights of the latest research into happiness and wellbeing to give each of us a

foundation on which to build our own version of ‘the good life’.

So, join us! Whether you’re aiming to make a change, want to be the change or are just curious to

know more, we’ll enjoy the opportunity to explore what matters most.


Starting 22nd April, 10am-12noon at Tribe Porty. (8weeks)