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Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga

January 1, 2018 @ 9:15 am – 10:15 am
Tribe Porty
19 Windsor Pl
Edinburgh EH15 2AJ

Tessa / About me

I am passionate about yoga, and as a doula and mother I also love sharing and working with women so they feel supported and positive about birth and motherhood. I especially love hanging out with my little human who constantly reminds me to stay rooted in the present moment, to be conscious and aware of the natural world and my environment, to open my heart, to laugh and most importantly to be playful.



Me and Yoga

I first tried yoga in my teens and something kept pulling me back over the next decade. As I moved from university, through my job as an art teacher and more recently as a mother, I needed Yoga more and more. Today my daily practice is the centring force which grounds me, helping me deal with the challenges of everyday life both as a woman and a mother. Yoga is a healing practice and a method of self-inquiry, teaching us how to listen to and be in harmony with our physical, emotional and mental body.  Yoga isn’t just a physical practice, over time it becomes a practice of self-inquiry and can bring transformation, restored health and vitality and can help us find balance in our busy lives. I believe yoga has something to offer everyone who is willing to try it.

After becoming a mother nearly two years ago I was compelled to forge a new path based around my passions. I trained as a Doula and a Yoga teacher and created Yesmamas to support and inspire women with yoga, positive birth attitudes and holistic health. I trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa and classical Hatha yoga and have a love and respect for both. My own Ashtanga Mysore practice has taught me discipline, strength and an awareness that breath and movement move together as one. My classical Hatha training has helped me to work more internally and developed my awareness of the subtle body through practice of long holds, meditation and pranayama.

My Classes

I teach Vinyasa flow and traditional Hatha yoga. The focus in all my classes is on moving mindfully and intuitively to explore postures with the breath. I believe yoga is for everyone and my classes are open to all.  Modifications are always given to allow you to work at a level that suits your needs. De-stress and unwind, build strength and flexibility, calm and focus the mind and energise your whole system.

Yes Yoga Love


Block 8 classes £64

Valid for: 10 Weeks from 1st class

Block 4 classes £34

Valid Until: 5 weeks from 1st class

TribePorty Employees

Block 8 classes £40

Valid for: 10 Weeks from 1st class

Block 4 Classes £20

Valid for 5 weeks from 1st class

Drop in £7



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