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The Circle Of Life

June 19, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
The Works, Tribe Porty


Biography and course description.

Loretta Dunn is a former nurse and midwife with 36 years experience in primary care, nurse teaching and supporting families through many of life’s major events. She currently works as a funeral celebrant. Her interest in working with grief and bereavement was as a direct result of her own journey through loss. Her experience with birth and death has shown her that these rites of passage are essentially twin aspects of the same journey.

Through the course of her work, Loretta has helped many families negotiate these life affirming and life changing experiences and is passionate about education and investigation into how the lessons of birth and death can help us improve the quality of our lives now.

None of us is exempt from loss, pain, illness and death. Yet, how is it that we have so little understanding of these essential experiences? Without some measure of intimacy with grief, our capacity to be with any other emotion or experience in our life is greatly compromised.

Loretta started, Life Circle, a group created to explore personal stories of life, love and loss. A natural empath and healer, Loretta ensures that all members of the group are supported, nurtured and encouraged to discover self-compassion.

Loretta will be running a course over three months at Tribe Porty looking at:

. Death: Is it really the end? . How would you like to be remembered? Write your own life story. . Legacy: How does what you learn by looking at death alter your outlook on life?

These sessions will be held in a safe space and are accessible to all.

The format will be group discussion and break out sessions to allow for deep exploration of the self.

You are warmly invited to come along and take the first steps into finding fluency in the language of life.