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May 2, 2017 @ 10:45 am – 11:35 am
White Hall, Tribe Porty
19 Windsor Pl
Edinburgh EH15 2AJ
Kettlercise £5 Pilates £7 Kettlercise and Pilates together is £10 Monthly cost for both classes £35
Fiona Crichton

Fiona Crichton Pilates Teacher and Kettlebell Instructor

Fiona is a fully qualified Kettlebell and Pilates Teacher.  She started teaching fitness classes when she returned from living in the stunning Rocky Mountains of Canada.  Her exhilarating outdoor lifestyle in Canada consisted of climbing mountains and snowboarding.  In her late 20s she had some health problems that were solved after doing lots of research in to healthy eating and diet and putting this knowledge in to practice.  The combination of healthy diet and exercise was life changing for Fiona and gave her a new lease of life.  She was then inspired to help others achieve their health and fitness goals though teaching and sharing her passion for exercise.



Would you like relief from back ache, shoulder and neck pain or stiff achy joints? Do you want to move better, improve your core strength and increase your overall wellness and flexibility? Do you want to move with ease, feel stronger, stand taller and feel 10 years younger?

Pilates can also help to relieve many work related conditions and day to day problems associated with tasks such as gardening, driving, child care, pregnancy, desk work etc.
The benefits from attending a regular Pilates class are:

·         Improved core strength

·         Help correcting postural imbalances

·         Relief from back pain & stiff achy joints

·         Increased muscular tone and length, aiding athletic performance

·         Increased flexibility, agility and coordination

·         Improved circulation

·         Help with relaxation

·         You challenge yourself and have fun


Pilates is a series of mat exercises that are suitable for everyone whether you are new to exercise, an elite athlete, recovering from injury, wanting to get back in to exercise after pregnancy or if you are anywhere in-between. Exercise can be tailored to your individual needs.

Pilates improves your mind body connection so you can improve your posture and movement for everyday activities as we focus on functional needs of the body for everyday life.

Everyday activities can cause misalignment of the spine and as a result back and core muscles can be weak.  Pilates will train the body to realign the spine and will allow you to stand taller and move more freely.

Pilates will help to improve your posture, reduce stress on your joints allowing movement of cerebral fluid up and down the spine while improving articulation of your vertebrae.  Often eliminating lower back pain entirely.

Pilates helps you better understand your body and the way it works making it easier for you to release tension.

The flowing sequence of the movements is controlled by your breathing. Teaching you to completely empty your lungs and how to refill them to a 100% capacity increase levels of red blood cells. With continual practise the breathing technique becomes automatic a vital skill to draw on to help cope with daily stress.

“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young. ” Joseph H. Pilates

Trigger point pilates




Fiona Crichton

Fitness Instructor and Pilates Teacher

Arbonne Independent Consultant

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