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Kundalini Yoga

May 3, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
TribePorty White Hall
19 Windsor Pl
Edinburgh EH15
Lesley Santos

Kundalini Yoga with Lokeshvarii



Lokeshvarii (Lesley Santos) is a certified yoga teacher with KYTA UK & registered with Yoga Alliance worldwide.  She holds over 400h teacher training experience and has been practicing yoga for 15+ years.  She teaches two complimentary styles: one that balances the body and focuses the mind in preparation for meditation, and the other that integrates meditation, movement, and actively transforms you on an energetic level.
She specialises in the ‘Yoga of Awareness’ (Kundalini Yoga) and ‘Yoga for Kings’ (Rajadhiraja Yoga), offering open level group classes, 1:1 sessions and a variety workshops in Edinburgh.
Classes at Tribe Porty:
  • Thursdays 7.30-9pm (Kundalini Yoga)
Class atmosphere: Meditative, warm and inclusive with a disciplined approach lightened with moments of humour.



About the Teacher

I’m a Canadian born, KRI Certified Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher with KYTA UK who has been in search for many years for something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  I’d majored in Psychology, pursued vocations in Pharmacology, Cardiology Medical Devices, dabbled in Eastern Religion, practiced various forms of yoga including ashtanga, hatha, and bikram yoga at venues across Calgary, Alberta to supplement a healthy regime of cardio and weights at the gym and salsa social dancing.  But it was only after trying Kundalini for the first time when I moved to Edinburgh in 2011 that I realised this was the holistic approach I was after…pure nourishment for the mind, body, and spirit!

I felt a perceptible stirring of energy… a vibrational quality after doing specific combinations of breath and movement while striving for a one-pointed focus.  I was surprised to attain a state of stillness where taking a breath didn’t even feel necessary!  The style, movements and use of sound were completely foreign to my traditional yoga conditioning… but this felt completely accessible – something I could practice alone or in a group.  It was exactly what I needed whenever I felt stressed, unmotivated, or directionless!   It also taught me good self-discipline -never before had I committed to doing anything for 40 days straight but Kundalini lit a fire in me to get up in the twilight hours to practice sadhana and brave cold morning showers!  I completed my training with the Sahej Academy with Hari Har Ji in 2012 and believe it is a personal tool that anyone can use to empower and re-invigorate one’s attitude and life perspective.  I’m now in the right space to share this life-changing style of yoga so come and join me find out for yourself!




Kundalini yoga develops your Inner Awareness or Consciousness.  It provides  a set of tools that are practically designed for the average person living in today’s highly distractable Digital Age to cope with the stresses of daily life and to rise above it all…

Origin of Kundalini Yoga

 Kundalini Yoga Master, Yogi Bhajan introduced Kundalini to the West in 1968.  Kundalini Yoga originates from the oldest spiritual system, Tantra.  The techniques work the body in specific ways to stimulate the endocrine system and energetic system to benefit the entire body and reach beyond your self-perceived limitations of the mind.

A Typical Kundalini Class

A Kundalini class typically lasts 60-90 minutes and starts with tuning in and warm-up exercises, followed by a kriya (set of exercises) accompanied by music, a 5-10 minute meditation, relaxation and tuning out.  This yoga practice works to awaken the Kundalini energy that resides at the base of spine to harness the creative potential within and gain awareness of your True Self.  It combines a unique combination of dynamic exercises, breathwork, mantra, and meditation. Kriyas are designed to achieve a specific purpose so each class will be unique!  


Learning to develop internal stillness offers numerous benefits such as strengthening your internal compass, relating better with yourself and others, and gaining strength & flexibility.  The business is named “Shuniya Yoga” as a reminder that the aim of our practice is to dissolve ourselves to ‘Zero’ and unite with our Infinite Potential.  Nothing has to come from the outside – All is in You! You alone hold the keys to experiencing a profound power to heal and balance your mind, body & spirit.  Happiness and abundance is your birthright!