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Introduction to Meditation

January 12, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Its the beginning of a brand new year and the perfect opportuntity to learn how to meditate!
This workshop will be an Introduction to Meditation, including breath and sound.
You will learn techniques to generate greater mindfulness, concentration and the relaxation of the body and mind.
During this workshop we will create a circle in order to support and bring the focus of the group together. I will begin by introducing what meditation is, the benefits of meditation, some breathing exercises and postures for meditation and advice for creating a suitable environment for meditation in your own time. During the session I will lead you through a variety of mediation techniques, giving you the tools to go away and use them in your own time. I will also guide you through some beautiful meditations where you will have the chance to lie down, get cosy and fully immerse yourself in the Journey, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised with new resolve!
Bring your yoga mat if you own one, if not you can hire a mat for £1, bring a cosy blanket, an eye mask if preferred, wear warm clothing and a notepad and pen.