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Family Management workshop

January 14, 2018 @ 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
The Hub, Tribe Porty
19 Windsor Pl
Edinburgh EH15 2AJ
Session 1: Find your purpose – What is your family’s story, what makes you different and how do you find your purpose? We will look at your defining moments, core values and how to live purposefully.
Session 2: Keep your sanity – How do you set a good rhythm, create a healthy balance and live proactively whilst balancing life, clubs, bills and kids! We’ll look at where your time, money and effort is going currently and how you can shift intentionally to find a better balance in life and get more out of what you’ve got!
Session 3: Build your relationship – How do you grow your relationship with your partner whilst also juggling work, parenting and life? We will look at healthy give & take in your relationship and how you can live well & thrive as a couple and therefore as parents too.
Session 4: Raise your kids – How do you grow kids to make good decisions, manage technology and take responsibility?” We will look at balancing encouragement & challenge to grow maturity and giving your kids a framework to make good decisions.
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Books we like –
> Essentialism – Greg McKeown
> 3 big questions for frantic families – Patrick Lencioni
> Techwise family – Andy Crouch
> Start with Why – Simon Sinek
> Originals – Adam Grant
> The Presusre Principle – Dave Alred (a sports book around decision making & maturity)
These are free events to support families in the community, run by Rich Robinson