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The Wim Hof Method Workshop

February 9, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Allan Brownlie

Edinburgh Workshop: Tribe Porty

In this workshop you will learn about and experience all three pillars of the WMH: cold exposure, breathing and mindset/focus. The goal is to give you some powerful tools to boost your health, improve your concentration and energy levels, better connect with your body and mind, and much much more!

Potential Benefits of the Wim Hof Method include:
Decreased Inflammation
Manage Chronic Pain
Feel Less Stressed
Boundless Energy Levels
Burn Fat
Sleep Improvement
Better Blood Circulation
Enhanced Athletic Performance
Recover Faster

For who?
The course is suitable for beginners and intermediate participants of the Wim Hof method.

On the day:
2pm- 3:30pm
Breathing and meditation.
3:30pm- 4pm
4pm- 6pm
Cold Physiology in the sea

Additional Information
Location: 19 Windsor Place, Portobello

Allan Brownlie
No: 077010133286

Bathing suit, towel, flip flops, warm clothes

You are welcome to bring a small snack if you like to eat in the break. Best to eat light before the workshop commence.

If you are new to cold exposure, in the days leading up to the workshop end your warm shower with 30-60 seconds of cold water only. Begin with your feet and then follow with your legs, your stomach, shoulders, neck and back. Focus on calming down your breath. Don’t put your head under the cold shower, it is better to skip the cold shower on the head for the first month. This way you will become more familiar with the way your body reacts to the cold.
Everyone can participate to their own ability and level of comfort. No pressure, just fun day of new experiences and learning. If you have any health conditions or concerns please contact us beforehand and/or check with your doctor. The goal of the workshop is share these simple and effective health and performance improvement tools.