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Embodied Spirituality

I have danced my entire life. I grew up training in ballet, jazz and tap—the basics for any North American dance student. I trained hard throughout my childhood and teenage years, but abandoned dance in my late teens in order to go to school and “get my life on track”. I soon realised that dance played a much more significant role in my life than simply keeping me fit and physically healthy.


Dance is an avenue of expression for me, when I lack the facility to understand my emotions, or the world around me. As a young adult, I began to explore improvisation and discovered dance’s ability to engage every aspect of my being. As my life has progressed, through valleys of mental ill health, and life-giving mountain top experiences, I have appreciated the ability of dance to enable experiences which cannot be accessed with words alone.

My life journey has reinforced my belief that dance is a powerful tool for self-awareness, and emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I developed my Embodied Spirituality movement sessions to share the benefits I have experienced.

Embodied Spirituality is a series of reflective movement sessions. Incorporating mindfulness practices, and drawing on somatic principles, each session is unique and guides participants to engage and consider the spirit that dwells within them.

For me Embodied Spirituality is different from a mindfulness or yoga practice, in that it allows me to engage my inner life, and then to freely express that. My experiences of yoga and mindfulness techniques have been to establish a calm focus, clearing the mind and body in order to be open to the present. The Embodied Spirituality practice aims to listen to the wisdom contained in our body, and use our natural expression to connect with our inner being.

I have been sharing Embodied Spirituality practices across Europe for half a decade. The power of movement to touch us mind, body and spirit, never ceases to amaze me—and it is an absolute delight to journey with people in this manner.

I would love to have you join us on August 26th, for a taste of Embodied Spirituality. Absolutely no dance or movement experience is required, just come with an openness to explore and engage.

There will be a six week block of Embodied Spirituality starting in late September for those interested in exploring a little further. These will be Thursday evenings at Tribe Porty, commenting September 28th.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or concerns!