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December is Simplicity


Simplicity becomes harder to grasp during the Christmas season. We are bombarded with so much advertising beginning before Black Friday. Shopping with the deadline for the best price brings stress to “buy more, more, more, right now.” December activities cram the calendar and we become hyper busy and worn out.

It’s hard to go against the cultural trends and slow down to enjoy the season. The classic Christmas movies create nostalgia for a simpler time. In the faster pace we miss the satisfaction of enjoying simple things, like taking walks through our neighbourhoods just to see Christmas lights, standing by the beach, breathing in that fresh air, listening to the rhythm of the waves, enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend, or stopping to listen to some music.

Ways to regain simplicity in the craziness of December:

  • Set limits on the number of Christmas gifts you give. If you love gift giving, it is easy to overdo it, so determine in advance how many gifts you’ll give to those on your list. Some families give four gifts to each of their children: something they want, something they need, something they wear and something they read.
  • Decide which activities are important to you and your family and commit to those. Time is valuable. It is easy to become over-committed with activities that only add busyness to our lives. Choose the most important family activities, put it on the calendar, and make a special memory.
  • Simplify decorations. Decorating can be fun, but it also takes time and can add stress if you are determined to have every candle and string of lights in place by December 2. Do what is manageable for you. Involve your kids. Use what you have without having to purchase more. It is more pleasurable to have a home that is lived in than a living room that is a display from a magazine.

Did you know that the word “simplicity” comes from a Hebrew word meaning sincerity of heart, integrity, a singleness of mind?

With this in mind, ask yourself this: How can my activities reflect sincerity of heart and desire to celebrate Christmas?

Contentment is also a part of simplicity. Contentment learns to say “I have all that I need.” When this spills into our December life, we lose a little craziness and gain a little peace.

Wishing you all a wonderful festive period, embracing the word SIMPLICITY, and making it special!