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Be the Change (or 5 reasons to join the Exploring What Matters course)

Change seems to be one of the few things we can depend on in life. However, how that change

happens and how ‘in control’ we feel of the process is something which varies greatly. One way to

claim some time and space to make intentional changes for the better is to join our Exploring What

Matters course. Starting on Thursday 4 th May and meeting for eight weeks, Action for Happiness has

designed this course for people looking to be change makers: for themselves; within their families

and social networks; in the organisations they work for; and as part of our community, both local

and global.

Meaning of Life

If you’re someone ready to make a change for a happier you and a happier world, here are 5 reasons

why our course could really work for you:


 A practical focus: This is a practical course created to give people the tools, ideas and

actions they need to make a practical difference to their own life and that of others, from

the first time we meet. We will be taking time to share the research which underpins all of

this and also offer you lots of resources to read and think more into the science of happiness

and wellbeing. However, making changes to feel good and do good are at the heart of our



 Balance: When we’re deciding what and how to change, we know there’s no single way to

find what’s going to work for you. Our course embraces this. Each session taps into expert

views, group discussion and individual reflection, allowing you a whole range of perspectives

to draw on as well as time to plan week by week the actions you’ll take to make change.


 Community: Making change is often hard and rarely happens without a few set backs or

disappointments. Joining our course connects you with a group of people who will not only

celebrate your successes but will also understand and ‘know the feeling’ those weeks when

things don’t quite go to plan. We will offer a community to encourage you to give it another

go or find a different approach to keep the change process in motion.


 Experience: This course is built on experience: the experience of people who’ve made it

their life’s work to understand how we flourish and thrive; the experience of facilitators

working to create group environments which empower people; the experience that

everyone in the group brings with them from everything they’ve done with their life so far;

the experience that we create by practicing mindfulness and gratitude together. It’s a strong

foundation to build your own change making on.


 A different point of view: Making change takes courage. For every voice supporting you

there’s another voice ready to tell you that there’s not point, things aren’t going to change

and now is not the time to take a risk. Too much of our mainstream media is invested in

sharing views which tell us we aren’t pretty enough, rich enough, safe enough, smart

enough or good enough. The Exploring What Matters course gives you voices which share

their own experiences of making change and the imperative to do this for yourself. We work

to offer you a view of our society which affirms that we have the skills, resources and power

to make ourselves and other people happier if we find the will and take action to be the



People who’ve already done the course have found it gave them the boost they needed to make

positive changes in the areas of their life which really mattered to them, from renegotiating their

working life to finding more meaning in their days, to launching into community activism. It’s a

course which is creating ripples of change across the world. As we embark on our journey here in

Edinburgh courses will also be underway in Singapore, Mexico and Australia. We’re excited to see

the changes we’ll make. Join us!


Register online now at http://afh-edinburgh- Participation is by donation. If

you’re unable to afford a donation at present, fully funded places are available. Please email to sign up for one of these places.