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Jo Holtan

Physical Health Personal Training at Tribe

Situated in the fabulous White Hall at Tribe Porty, Physical Health Personal Training (PHPT) offers expert Pilates training for all levels of fitness and abilities. Here you will find our very own Pilates Studio, complete with the latest Joseph Pilates equipment designed to work every muscle in your body through a proven method of strength and resistance techniques. Each session lasts 1 hour and is available on a 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 basis with our professional Pilates teacher, Sabrina Severo.


If group sessions are more your thing then we run 3 Mat Fitness Pilates Classes each week. These sessions are aimed at strengthening your core and include the varied use of Dyna Bands, Balance Discs and Pilates Rings. We can’t promise that it will be easy, but we can promise that it’s worth it!

We also offer a unique Mother & Baby  class every Monday at 10:30am. While one of the aims of this class is to help you regain your pre pregnancy figure, strengthen your core and pelvic floor, the bigger goal is to help new mums back into a routine after child birth and building their confidence along the way. This small class provides a lovely warm environment for you to meet other new mums in Porty, spend some quality time bonding with your baby, and giving you a workout too! It’s a win win!

In addition, we also run our Conquer Gravity class every Monday at 7:30pm. Designed using the principles of Pilates, Callisthenics and Suspension Training to develop inner core, functional strength and improve flexibility, this class with take your Pilates to a whole new level. Conquer Gravity classes will enable you to master your body, making you stronger and more confident in every facet of your life, physically and mentally.

Physical Health Personal Training offers a holistic lifestyle training method including personal fitness training, injury recovery and prevention, Pilates and nutrition guidance – everything is designed to help you achieve your personal goals.

Whether your goals are to lose weight, change your body shape, improve your strength, recover from injury, keep healthy Pre or Post pregnancy, cope with life’s stresses or just generally feel more energized and alive, PHPT will work with you along the way.

For further information, email or call 07922 202 968.”



We are really proud of Triber Jana and her husband Rory on their recent project in Lisbon for Palacio Belmonte, which is recognized as one of the most beautiful hotels of the world. She used her time at Tribe to to develop ideas and fabricate them into reality. You can read more information on the project here. 
– – –
We were commissioned  to developed and fabricated 3 new Artworks over the period of past 10 month which are on display under the show title  “Cut by Light” and are part of the larger project called Light craft Belmonte. Exhibition “Cut by light”  is site-specific intervention comprising permanent and ephemeral art works for occasion of 15 years hotel anniversary.
Portuguese Press very well received exhibition and astonishing 250 people attended opening event.
Being based at Tribe Porty allowed us to develop sculpture ideas and fabricate one of the Artworks ( “Her silent Sonata and his silent dance”). It’s been a pleasure to work in such creative community and great space. Thank you and we hope you enjoy visuals from our outcome.
LIGHTCRAFT  BELMONTE was developed in the framework of the International Year of Light, curated by Frédéric Coustols and Mário Caeiro. Three Original interpretations of the Art of Light, in the outdoor and indoor spaces of the magnificent Palácio Belmonte, in Lisbon.
Maria Ursula Ballroom
“Outside over there” (2016) is a Relief made from Yellow and green Acrylic forms, positioned against a mirrored background ,which plays with perspective and perception. Inspired by silhouettes of stalagmites, the two-dimensional shapes alter in relation to viewer’s movement.
“Outside over there” invites the viewer to open the door of imagination and enter the secret and mysterious worlds out there hiding behind our “ordinary” yet extraordinary lives.
East Terrace
“Night rider” (2016) It’s a monumental triangular form reminiscent, of boat sail seen emerging from crisp white background of Palacio Belmonte wall and silhouettes against the Lisbon sky. The sculpture has its own life. Shape and appearing patterns constantly change depending on direction and intensity of the wind. Made out of 13 000 Tyvek stripes attached to fish net, the sculpture celebrates black and white colors of Lisbon and all the pirates of the earth.
Music room
The two artworks at the Music Room are an act of love. The two artists establish between themselves, the space and the cultural vision, which fuels the Palace, an extremely sensitive dialogue which pays attention to lowermost and intimate traces of the place. 

“ Her silent sonata” (2015) is large neon thread embroidery piece inspired by marks on Belmonte’s façade in partnership “His silent dance” (2015) is an elegant bespoke furniture piece, which a built-in UV lamp was added. The piece carries an embroidery detail of one of the Azulejos (traditional Portuguese tiles) in the room representing music players in the field. The viewer is invited into little play trying to find the tile in this silent puzzle.

Mother Kind at Tribe Porty

The Mother Kind group has grown in a really gentle way, and has provided a welcoming space for mums in the early stages. A lot of the mothers have been relieved to find that they are not the only ones to feel the way they do and there has been a lot of laughter along the way. There has been no fixed agenda, although we’ve talked about topics ranging from tricky relationships, to coping with holidays, to how to cope when your baby isn’t an ‘easy’ baby. There’s space for more taboo topics as well as to enjoy the lighter side of parenthood.

The group is on a drop in basis and so far we’ve regularly had 2-3 people each time. Babies’ timetables are variable things and don’t always allow mothers to get along each week, so it would be lovely to see the group grow a bit more. Please do spread the word with any local mothers you know.

And if cake is your thing, the homebaking has gone down a treat, although there’s a bit more pressure now that we have a food blogger in our midst! The group aims to be  nourishing in more ways than one…

Check out the Tribe Porty events calendar for more info on events.


2016: The Year of the Tribe

We get the opportunity to work with some amazing folks over here at Tribe Porty.  Eugenia was in the audience of our first ever TEDxPortobello and recently blogged about some of her amazing upcoming projects at Tribe.  We are so glad to support such great people like her.  You can read the full blog post and check out her website here.

– – –

Last year I met a swell woman by the name of Johanna. I could tell you all the amazing things she does, but there are simply too many things to list here in this wee post – so if you’re inclined, see her stuff at Cycle-Hack, Penny in Yo’Pants or via @JoHoltan.

Anyhoo, through Jo I was introduced to another totally awesome lady by the name of Dani Trudeau. Together they have been busy laying the foundations for a community and place called Tribe Porty:

Tribe Porty is a place to make good things happen-a connectivity hub which promotes a healthy and happy community.

I had good fortune of discovering the wonder of Tribe Porty for the first time in May 2015, when they hosted the first ever TEDx Portobello (watch out for info on the 2016 event, coming soon). There I witnessed enthusiasm that was like a contagion. Dani, Jo, Steve Earl and the team were so full-hearted and earnest in their support and encouragement of the local Portobello community, and those surrounding it, you couldn’t help but be inspired. My imagination was captured in that day and I wanted to know more!

The Tribe Porty story starts when Dani, having been a dancer, and educator and later working in the social enterprise sector, was inspired by it’s the community minded values and grass roots affects of social entrepreneurism. A vision began bubbling and she dreamt of creating a place where good people could work together not only for their own growth and enjoyment, but for the common good too. You can get more full-hearted than that! (Find our more by watching Dani’s Melting Pot Q&A session here).

So fast forward to 2016 and the seeds of inspiration planted way back at Tribe Porty’s TEDx Portobello in May 2015 have now met with intention, encouragement and commitment. I’m committing to several creative actions this year and the first of those is a Tribe Porty Creative Circle in the tradition of Julia Camerons’ The Artist’s Way.

PS. I’m super excited and hope you can join me.

Artists Way Facebook Group

A Wee Introduction from Alan Waddell

AlanHi, I’m Alan Waddell, a writer and teacher working and living in Edinburgh.

In the past, I’ve written guides, blogs and poetry but at the moment I’m focusing on my first novel which I’m working on at TribePorty. Saying that, I will also deliver a few workshops on collaboration, creative thinking and creative writing as well as write a blog diary for the website, so keep your eyes peeled!

So far, the relaxed atmosphere and community spirit have been perfect for fostering creativity so fingers crossed for the future – chapter 7 here we come!

If you see me around on a Friday, please say hello and come over for a chat. In the meantime, see if you can guess which of these statements about me is a fib:

  1. I’ve flown a plane
  2. I’m scared of heights
  3. I have a pet wombat